Things are getting rolling now and I’ve started producing work for sale. I’ve located and gathered up some good stock of wood, from sustainable sources. I have a good supply of nice blond bamboo, recycled hardwood flooring no less! I’ve also found a source for a variety of woods, from a source that saves great wood headed to landfill. I’m starting with pens/pencils, but I also hope to have more items coming soon.


Be sure to check out the Pen Styles page! I’ve got examples of a number of styles, and examples of some of the available woods. Please contact me for more information on getting your own hand made environmentally responsible pen. Pricing can vary a bit depending on the plating choice (gold, chrome, etc), the type of wood, or the complexity of the design. On the Pen Styles page I give a general price range for each of my pen types, please let me know if you have any questions!


Koa Closed End Baron Pen

Closed End Koa Wood Baron: A new style pen I have started making.? The end is solid wood instead of the standard metal hardware, and gives it a very unique look.? The wood is some Koa wood I brought back from my vacation to Hawaii, it was a box of scrap I picked up at a woodworking shop.

For Sale

Check out the new items for sale! I’m still working on integrating the shopping cart with the site, so pardon any dust.

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