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Monday, June 8, 2020

4June2020 - Bob's Bytes

Entitled: Sump'in - Sump'in as I could not think of something.  :-)

  • Board meeting notes, currently we have 349 members
    • Renewals due by 30 Sep, distribution list cleaned on 1 Nov.
    • Social indefinitely postponed
    • Lab to reopen 13 July by appoint.  email
    • Thursday presentations still virtual only
  • Random Stuff, 14 different stories:
    • We've switched to MailChimp to distribute notifications. They may be categorized as 'Promotions' by GMail, so check that folder.
    • Clipboard history has to be turned on to be used.  Settings, System, ClipBoard.
    • Google/Apple contact tracing tools is a API, not app.  And they probably will not get enough users to be effective.
    • Bob got a set of Bluetooth earbuds, how do they compare to Apples Airpods?  (Hint: this is an unfair comparison.  $130 vs $32 vs. $8)  <link
    • Things you may not know about SpaceX Dragon space capsule and Falcon 9 rocket
    • Bob got mad at his mouse, so bought a new $17 one  <link
    • Windows 10 May 2020 Feature Update: nothing to see here, move along
    • Are really cheap copies of Microsoft Office Legal/Legitimate?
    • What is my computer doing?  Task manager Performance tab and the Resource Monitor
    • The $350 "5GBioShield" USB flash drive.  Utter nonsense.  But a fun read because of the jargon-laced marketing copy, "Holographic Nano-Layer Catalyst" indeed!
  • Webmail vs. EMail Clients
    • Windows 10 Mail, 
    • Microsoft Office Outlook, 
    • Mozilla Thunderbird 

Saturday, May 16, 2020

14May2020 - Bob's Bytes: Random Stuff

I did not realize till just after the preshow video that there was a theme to this presentation.  Yes, I talked software a lot, but from the initial video, the Convid-19 updates, space disasters and close calls, funny virus interstitials, to the closing video, this was a reminder of of time we have and how we choose to use it.  As the Knight says in the The Last Crusade, "Choose wisely."

Topics of the Day
  • News & History
    • Covid-19 update, it still looks bad, we're less than 1/2 way through this.
    • What was the first (and so far only) human deaths in space?
    • The "USAF" A12 aircraft in the News - Elon Musk's son?
    • The complete story of Marcus Hutchins, the Wannacry hero.
  • Windows Trick: the Clipboard History {Win}-V
  • It was Patch Tuesday: Bloom's recommended Windows Maintenance tasks
    • WinDirStat: what taking up space in the hard disk?
  • A good “Ask” Question: What's This?
    • FilePuma (Glary) Software Updater
    • Task Manager: controlling your startup programs
    • Software (or Driver) updater programs: Good or Bad?
    • Do not use Internet Explorer in any version of Windows
    • Changing the default browser in Windows 10
  • Program Reviews/Demos
    • Ccleaner Alternatives
    • Glary Utilities
    • MailChimp
  • The Fable of the Dragon-Tyrant
Preshow Video - Don't let the Old Man in.  <link>

Covid-19 Daily detections and deaths:  <link>
Interesting stats on people's responses:  <link>
The Story of Soyuz 11:  <link>
Other stuff that happened in space:  <link>
Really scary story of STS-27, Space Shuttle Atlantis.  Worst damage than Columbia!  <link>
Project Oxcart, smaller and faster than the SR-71:  <link>
Elon Musk's Son's name:  <link>
The complete story of Marcus Hutchins:  <link>
The Best Mobile Scanner Apps:  <link>

Program Reviews:
     WinDirStat:  <link>
     FilePuma (Glary) Software Updater:  <link>     Glary Utilities:  <link>     Ccleaner:  <link>     MailChimp:  <link>

The Fable of the Dragon-Tyrant
     A short story by Nick Bostrom:  <link> "The Book"     Adapted by CGP Grey into a Video:  <link> "The Movie"

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Identity Theft

By Maria Pippidis, UD Cooperative Extension

  • Identity Theft Risk Assessment <link>
  • Suggestions for Reducing the Risk <link>
  • Post Presentation Survey <link>

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