This is the archival page of Media-N, Journal of the New Media Caucus. For current issues, please see the new location on the Illinois Open Publishing Network here.

Media-N, Journal of the New Media Caucus?is a scholarly electronic journal (ISSN 1942-017X)?with a history of?print?editions (ISSN 2159-6891).? It is blind peer-reviewed, invitational,?and?open to submissions in the form of theoretical papers, reports, and reviews on new media artworks. The journal provides a forum for national and international New Media Caucus members and non-members featuring their scholarly research, artworks and projects.

The electronic?journal?was established in 2005 by Rachel Clarke, who acted as Editor-in-Chief from 2005 to 2010.

Pat Badani?gave a new direction?to the journal as Editor-in-Chief from 2010 to 2016 by leading a number of initiatives that included elevation of academic editorial standards, establishment of the journal’s collection of mirroring?print editions, and the creation of international and?cross-organizational editorial partnerships that resulted in special editions with, for example, ISEA2012 (International Symposium on Electronic Art) and with Hexagram (Montreal).

Under the leadership of current Editor-in-Chief Kevin Hamilton, in?2016 the journal began a migration process to a new publishing platform that will better expose historical and new content to academic search and citation indexes. The first issue of the journal’s new digital home debuted in Winter 2018. New print editions are not currently planned.

The mission of the journal is to promote academic inquiry; to reflect the wide variety of themes and areas in new media research; to further the evolving discourses related to theory and practice; to showcase the work of new media artists and their presentation environments; and to investigate the issues surrounding education and new media. The journal has published articles by influential new media theorists and practitioners such as:??Mark Amerika,?Sarah Cook,?Amy Franceschini,?Lynn Hershman Leeson,?Jennifer and Kevin McCoy,?Ken Rinaldo,?Laurence A. Rickels,?Cornelia Sollfrank,?and?Faith Wilding.

Three editions are published per year: spring, summer and fall.?Media-N works with guest editors to develop and publish thematic spring and fall editions. ?The summer edition is devoted to showcasing NMC‘s onsite and offsite?proceedings?during the College Art Association’s annual convention held in the United States.??The publication is freely available online, and?historical print?versions may be purchased through a print-on-demand service.