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Welcome! - "Jerry's Pages" are the "just for fun" personal web pages of Jerry Erbesfield, the Webmaster of this site. Jerry is also an avid automobile enthusiast, the proud owner of "Red Rocket", a really fine lookingC6 Corvette coupe. The "Black Beauty" 1999 C5 Corvette convertible and the 73 MGB Roadster that Jerry previously owned are both also still featured here along with lots of valuable Corvette and MG info. Jerry's Pages are provided for general information, for editorial comment, to showcase these awesome Corvettes and the MGB, to introduce the Corvette and MG heritage to others,as a lighter side and otherwise mainly just for fun. Occasionally Jerry may even have something serious posted too. The information here is updated from time to time so please watch Jerry's pages regularly - we'll certainly try to keep it interesting!! That's for sure!  - And thanks for visiting!




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Jerry's Pages is a family website and is otherwise intended for anyone that might find its contents interesting, useful and/or helpful. Please make yourself completely at home. You値l find a lot of interesting information, primarily on the subjects of Corvette and MG automobiles but with various miscellaneous other content that also might be found to be interesting.  The site is updated regularly and kept simple but with content that is relatively unique.  I hope that you'll agree that what you'll find here on Jerry's Pages IS very unique and interesting. If you experience any issues or have a suggestion, please email me. Thanks for visiting !! Jerry Erbesfield, Webmaster


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