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Why Telan?

While there are many companies who offer printed circuit board assembly and contract electronics manufacturing services, Telan can make your job easier. We provide everything you need when it comes to electronic assembly manufacturing. We are a U.S. based Contract Electronics Manufacturer located in eastern Pennsylvania, who believes in maintaining a long term relationship with our clients, and has a demonstrated track record of excellent quality and on-time printed circuit board deliveries coupled with competitive pricing. As a fully compliant IPC-A-610 manufacturer, to include most military specifications and requirements, Telan is your total Contract Electronics Manufacturer.


"We have been working with Telan Corporation since 2003. At the time we started working with them we also had another contract manufacturer we were using. We split the work between both companies until we began to see that Telan was clearly far superior in the quality of work than the other company we used. That alone would have made us commit to exclusively using just Telan but, add in the incredible support we received from them, the on-time delivery and the extremely fair pricing, and it made making the switch to Telan the right choice for our business. A decision we have never regretted." - Client in Hospitality Security Industry



Whether you need small quantities of printed circuit boards assemblies, prototypes PCB Assemblies, or large runs, Telan has the PCB assembly facilities to provide for all your Contract Electronics Manufacturing needs. Additionally, through our long term and certified affiliates, both in the U.S. and offshore, Telan can source all your bare Printed Circuit Board requirements.


"We have been using assembly services from Telan since at least 2007.  The quality is always excellent and the attention to detail is remarkable.  We expect the relationship to continue for a long time." - Client in Monitoring Systems Industry

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